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Young Drivers

Pre-provisional driver training for under-17s, designed to target thoughts and attitudes on driving behaviour and to encourage reflective processes. In 2 out of 3 collisions, human error is the cause. (Roadcraft). Lincs Driving Solutions are delighted to introduce a behavioural based training programme for 15 and 16 year olds. Using the Goals for Driver Education Matrix as its starting point, our off-road training courses challenge under-17s to question their motivations in decision making, and to critically consider concepts such as how emotions can affect moods and actions.

Phase One

Car safety checks, clutch control, steering, reversing, in-car coaching session on risk increasing factors. (3 hours – £99)

Phase Two

Re-cap of Phase 1, distracted driving, two in-car coaching sessions on decision making, risk increasing factors and influences on driving behaviour. (3 hours – £99) Note that Phase 1 must be completed prior to undertaking the Phase 2 course.

Please note: All sessions are on a 2:1 basis in order to better facilitate the discussion aspects of training. This product was originally designed and introduced by Caledonian Driving School in Glasgow.


Lincs Driving Solutions, Lincoln