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ADI Training

Thanks for your help Rob

I stared my ADI training with carol in June 2018 working towards my part 2 and 3 tests.

Once I had passed the part 2, my part 3 training commenced in September 2018, taking around 40 hours to complete.

The training was well structured and at a pace that suited my own circumstances.

Carol was helpful, friendly and passed on her knowledge to enable me to pass my part 3 at the first attempt.

Rob Gowler ADI

Carol has a wealth of knowledge on driver training having got me through my part 2 with ease and then on to adi pt 3 .
The lessons were fun and rewarding and I looked forward to them.
Carol tailored the lessons around my busy schedule and made it fun to learn new skills. If you want your training to be fun not stressful I would recommend giving carol a call.

Carol coached me through the entire ADI qualifying process and I enjoyed every minute of it. It's not an easy process by any means but I like a challenge and Carol has the skills and experience to help get you suceed and also provides practical tips on driver coaching moving forward.
The lessons were always full of laughter, which helped to make a sometimes tense and challenging time more enjoyable. You never forget a good teacher.
Carol has a sensible, practical outlook on her coaching, realises your strengths and weaknesses and tailors lessons to suit your learning style which helps to develop your skills to an exceptionally high standard. Having the access to Carol's wealth of diverse driver coaching experience has been a real benefit to me in developing my new career. Thank you Carol, for having unlimited patience and for the large number of coffees consumed along the way 🙂

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Carol for all her hard work in coaching me to success on my ADI Part 3 exam.
Without Carols expert tuition and coaching I don't believe I would have been successful in what is a demanding qualification process. There is no doubt that Carol has the patience of a saint ! She has that great ability to change her teaching methods to suit the pupil and bring the best out in them. I have learned a massive amount from Carol during my training which I hope to be able to take forward with me and produce safe drivers in the future.
I cannot recommend Carol highly enough, anyone thinking of a career as an ADI need look no further that Lincs Driving Solutions.
Thanks again Carol, you were great !

Thank you so much for all you have done to help and guide me over the past few months - leading to my Part 3 pass on the first attempt.
 I couldn't have done it without your expert guidance and coaching skills.
 Your wise words and brilliant guidance made learning fun and you gave me the knowledge and confidence to believe in myself. 
I learned so much from our lessons, would recommend you to anyone wanting to train to be an ADI or interested in any form of driver training.

I passed my ADI part 3 recently, at the first attempt. How? Commitment, an open mind and a first-class instructor! Behind every success story there lies a positive force. In my case, it was Carol. She provided me with appropriate resources, a high level of quality instruction and encouragement, delivered with humour and understanding. If you are serious about furthering your driving career talk to Carol

Support was first class

Passed my ADI first time. Really please to have achieved the standard required - mainly down to Carol whose tuition and support was first class.

A big thank you for your help over the last few months. I wouldn’t of been successful without your expert tuition and I am over the moon to have passed the part 3 test first time.

Thank you Carol for all your support and encouragement.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Carol for getting me through my ADI PT 2 training first time. Carol is a great coach/mentor/instructor with a great sense of humour. Through her client centred approach she prepared me well and went that extra mile to give me the time I needed and some very sound advise. She made me believe in myself and get the job done.
Thank you Carol.

I would highly recommend Carol to anyone interested in driver training.

Your help has been immense and I can't thank you enough.

So pleased I passed but the pressure leading up to it was immense. 3 hours sleep the night before due to the stress, not good!

I want to say a huge thank you for all your help and support during this process, I know Stuart appreciated your help and for me it made the test achievable. I can honestly say it was perhaps the most stressful test I've taken, and I've done loads re driving, firearms, promotion exams etc.

Your help has been immense and I can't thank you enough.

I use the things I learnt from you to make the students work to their best - yesterday I was able to make sure the examiner worked and that I was in control all the time.

It really came together and I am grateful for how you brought out this in me.

I would definitely recommend Carol to anyone interested in driver training

I started driving instructor training by buying a course on line from a company and after studying hard, passed both the theory and Part 2 tests with flying colours.

I then used the designated hours included with the course for my Part 3 training, booked the test and failed miserably! It knocked me for six as I didn't expect it to be so tough; this made me look at taking more training from a different training provider.

I somehow still didn't have the self-belief needed and time was running out as I had 2 years to pass and time was ticking!

Then someone recommended me to get in touch with Carol Morley, saying she would be worth a try. So after getting in touch with Carol and starting lessons, it became clear to me that I was actually getting my mojo back!

Carol’s expert coaching techniques, knowledge and humour combined was great; we booked my test and hey presto! I'm now a qualified ADI .

I would like to thank Carol so much as I desperately wanted this career change and would definitely recommend her to anyone interested in driver training.

I had spent 15 years in the leisure industry, before deciding that this was not for me any longer, becoming a driving instructor had been a ambition for many years but the step into making it a reality seemed to daunting.
I finally made that jump and started my training with Carol, she was wonderful, quickly identifying my weaknesses and developed an effective strategy to correct them. Carol’s easy, friendly approach to the training made the lessons fun, and her coaching methods ensured that I was involved throughout the entire training process. She helped build my self confidence and taught me to develop strategies to put the knowledge and skills in place to ensure that I had all the tools to pass the part 3.
I have passed, on my first attempt, because I was able to find an excellent trainer who guided me through the Part 3, and Carol is still there giving me on- going support to help me be a better ADI.
I am now looking forward to starting my own driving school and passing the skills and knowledge that I have gained from Carol onto my pupils.
Thank you Carol, once again, for your support, encouragement and for being my mentor.

I would recommend Carol as the number one trainer.

Carol took me for my Part 2 and Part 3 of my instructor training. I was really nervous at first, but Carol soon put paid to that. She made me feel at ease, explained everything well and was very patient, which resulted in me passing my Part 3 first time.

All I would say to anyone looking for instructor training, then look no further.

I would recommend Carol as the number one trainer.

I am delighted to offer this testimonial

I write to pay tribute to the skills of Carol as an Instructor. Carol began taking me through my Part 3 training for my ADI Licence.

Carol prepared me thoroughly in every aspect of the training with clear and concise instruction to enable me to successfully pass my final ADI examination. Each section of the syllabus was mastered before proceeding to the next with the ultimate result that I passed first time and feel confident to pursue my new career as a Driving Instructor.

Thanks to Carol I feel confident that I can pass on the skills to my own pupils which I have learnt during the time of my training with her.

Any person that is lucky enough to have Carol as their Instructor will find her friendly, professional and excellent at the job she does (whilst still having a laugh).

I am delighted to offer this testimonial as my way of showing my sincere appreciation to Carol for all her help, guidance and encouragement

Knowledge of her subject is very impressive

Carol Morley was my main instructor for my ADI process.

She was extremely dedicated to the task, and gave 100% in order to help me pass.

Her method of instruction was assisted greatly by her past experience as a DSA examiner and instructor. It gave a valuable insight into exactly what was required at the Part 3 examination.

Her knowledge of her subject is very impressive, and her approach to learning with the insight of coaching methods taught me a great deal.

I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any potential driving instructor.

Carol - thank you so much!

I started the DSA driving Instructor training process at the age of 55…….with almost four years’ experience as a Police Driving Instructor, teaching to Police Advanced levels.

With Carols’ assistance, experience and attitude pushing me all the way, I achieved the necessary standard, a process I found both difficult and daunting. Without Carol helping, cajoling and advising, the whole process would doubtless have been no enjoyable experience.

Carol helped me see where my existing experience and skills fit into the skills I was learning from her, and seamlessly joining together, making me a more complete instructor, both at Police levels, as well as the DSA required level.

I have no hesitation in passing my complete and grateful recommendations of Carol Morley Training Services to any potential driver or Driving Instructor.

Carol - thank you so much!

Carol is the consummate professional

She delivers a subject that she knows inside out.

She guided me through my part 2 and 3 processes with the vigour and enthusiasm as if she was taking it herself.

Carol is not only a good instructor, but also a skilled coach and uses various methods to deliver the subject to a level that will make you feel more than confident enough to take the test.

Many thanks

No Hesitation In Recommending Carol

Carol has just coached me through my ADI part 2 and was a great help, fitting the training around my hectic work schedule and quickly identifying areas which needed work. She is a top notch instructor/mentor/coach and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone undertaking driver training.

Thank you Carol.

Learner Training

Passed first time.
I really enjoyed learning to drive with Carol. She made it fun and I enjoyed my time in the car with her. She helped me relax and this made what is a stressful time so much easier. I only had 2 minor faults on my test after 26 hours of lessons with Carol. I would recommend her to anyone.

I passed my driving test on the first attempt.

It was definitely the right choice having Carol as an instructor as I feel that she provides lessons that develop your skills to an excellent standard and that help you to prepare for driving confidently on your own.

Carol taught areas of driving that I did not expect to learn such as how to respond safely to the emotional factors that influence drivers. There was also strong emphasis on self-evaluation and being able to learn from mistakes from the start of lessons, which I have found very useful since driving alone.

Carol excels at teaching every aspect of safe driving to students, which is the reason why I was able to pass my driving test on the first attempt.

Carol is an excellent driving instructor

Carol is an excellent driving instructor who allows you to take control of your learning and to move at your own pace.

A cool and considered approach to teaching means you always feel calm and at ease when driving under Carol. Not only was Carol helpful in learning the practical side of driving she regularly encourages the learning of the theory side of driving and will provide help with that aspect as well.

Overall Carol is an excellent driving instructor with a fantastic approach to teaching.

Many thanks.

I can’t thank Carol enough

I chose to learn to drive with Carol as my brother had learnt to drive with her two years previously, passing his test first time with only 3 minor’s and was really pleased with the way his tuition had gone!

I was probably not the most confident pupil initially, but Carol very quickly put me at ease with her calm but precise method of teaching which really suited me.

I have a tendency to “beat myself up” when I get things wrong, but Carol would talk me through things that didn't go so well in a really constructive way as a learning experience which helped me grow in confidence lesson by lesson.

By the time my driving test day arrived, I felt very confident with my ability from the lessons that I had had with Carol and passed with only two minors (beat my brother much to his annoyance).

I can’t thank Carol enough for her guidance and support and would totally recommend her to anyone who is serious about wanting to pass their driving test.

I would highly recommend learning to drive with Carol

Carol is a fantastic driving instructor, she was always calm and patient and I felt very comfortable when driving with her. She explained everything excellently and was always able to answer my questions.

On the whole a brilliant learning experience which instilled confidence in me as a driver, before and after my test and taught me how to assess the safely of my driving at all times.

I would highly recommend learning to drive with Carol.

Thank you.

I have just passed my driving test first time after learning to drive with Carol

I have just passed my driving test first time after learning to drive with Carol. The lessons were always interesting, informative and excellent value for money.

I have learnt many valuable skills and gained a thorough knowledge of road safety. The way in which Carol has taught me has made me feel confident that I am a considerate and safe driver.

Two years ago, Carol taught my brother to drive who also passed first time and we would both highly recommend Carol to anyone as a driving instructor.


Very useful 3 hours which helped me get a very good result.

I recently had my first Standards Check Test, and although i had read up on the new Standards Check wanted some practical advice and that is where Carol came in.

Me and another ADI booked 3 hours with Carol and in true Client Centred Learning (CCL) style she Coached us in the style needed on the test itself, this also meant she asked us what WE wanted out of the time, which was great.

Very useful 3 hours which helped me get a very good result.

Thanks Carol

I would definitely recommend Carol

I just wanted to say a big thank you.

Recently I attended a check test training session even though my check test wasn't due, I felt like I was being left behind. Not wanting to carry on instructing using the old method I wanted to improve my skills and pass on this knowledge to my pupils.

I met in Lincolnshire and to be honest I was a little nervous more so when I found out you used to be a driving examiner but from the minute we met, you put me at ease.

After having a chat and going out in the car I feel much more confident in regards to the changes relating to the new standards check test and even more surprised that I was already using some of the methods without realising it .

I now feel so much more confident with my up and coming check test and I would definitely recommend you and come back again for further training.

You helped me understand how to improve my training

Thank you Carol. We met on Friday for a Standards Check coaching course. I found your knowledge most useful. I know that as I'm already BTEC level 3 trained and I think in an unauthodox way. You helped me understand how to improve my training. Hopefully I will get a grade A on my Standards Check.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Carol

I completed my Parts 1,2&3 fleet training during April through to May.

Carol steered me through each phase which allowed me to pass each phase first time with resulting in a grade 5 pass.

Carol has a vast knowledge in all areas of driver training, which is always pitched at the right level. I am looking forward to completing my first coaching course with Carol later this year.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Carol.

Many thanks

I would have no hesitation in recommending the course

I have just completed the two day Introduction to Coaching course with Carol Morley and consider in a very worthwhile investment of both time and money.

Not only did I find the course most enjoyable, I also learned many new and useful things and it has definitely improved my working relationships with my pupils (which I thought was good before).

I see things in a different way now and work more with my pupils to achieve their driving goals. The best testament I can give the course is that just over a week after I completed the course I undertook the new DSA Standards Check and achieved a Grade A, which I know I would not have done without attending the course.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the course to anyone who wants to improve their instructing skills.

Thank you to Carol for all your help and guidance.

Carol is caring, ethically minded and gives you value for money

The first thing that I need to say is that Carol conducts the course in a “client-centred manner “!

As Carl Rodgers would have said –“Unconditional positive regards”. She makes you feel at ease. She is approachable, receptive and accommodating.

The course can only be regarded as an “introduction” to coaching as we skimmed over large amounts of material, leaving you at the end of the course wanting more- Lots More!! Of course, any in-car training can be only be enjoyable if you have a not only a good trainer but also amenable co-trainers: I had a great one in Inga from Boston.

Carol is caring, ethically minded and gives you value for money. I can thoroughly recommend the course and Carol to anyone wanting to discover the fascinating world of driver- coaching.

The type of training technique was good

Carol’s style of teaching experienced was refreshing, as it was good to reflect on my own view of style of driving. The type of training technique was good as it made me think a lot more whilst driving my own vehicle.

The technique allowed me to benefit from self- reflection and focused learning.

The coaching has given me a stronger evaluation of my driving, based on my emotions and circumstances that I deal with on a daily basis.

This has assisted me on my self -evaluation and made me more aware of my actions.

Thank you for a great two day course

We have all heard of Coaching, and how many instructors find it confusing or wonder what benefits it can bring. With Carol teaching, however there weren't any problems at all.

After 31 years of working as a driving instructor coaching has made me become more interested in my profession and enjoy my job more than ever before.

Thank you for a great two day course.

Well done Carol, and all the best for the future.

Thanks again, will be in touch soon to book more training

Many, many thanks Carol for a great two days. This was just what I was looking for to bring me 'up to speed' with the changes to client centred learning (coaching).

It was more than I expected and I found all the comments really encouraging. I must admit, it had taken some courage for me to do this course. Probably because like most people, I don't enjoy being criticised but felt I would have to endure some criticism because none of us are perfect. What a surprise though, you quickly dispelled any fear of this and as a result I got much more out of the two days than I thought.

I have now implemented the client centred learning and am actually finding that the lessons are more enjoyable for both the learner and as a result they are more productive.

Thanks again, will be in touch soon to book more training.

Thanks again Carol

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