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Terms for learners

[Lincs Driving Solutions] aims to educate drivers to the highest possible standards.  Our lessons are based upon a combination of coaching and interactive training delivered to a high standard of in-car delivery, whilst also designed to be engaging and fun.  To achieve this aim, both the pupil and instructor should agree to the following:

Pupil to:

  • Turn up on time, in a fit state to drive. The instructor will wait ten minutes at the agreed meeting location.  The full amount will be charged for loss of earnings.

  • Give a minimum of 2 working days notice of cancellation of a lesson (failure to do this may result in a cancellation fee being charged. Exceptional circumstances will be taken into consideration)

  • Be willing to consider new ideas and concepts

  • Participate in all elements of the learning to drive process

  • Complete tasks within the timescale agreed with your instructor

  • Provide documentation necessary for theory and practical driving tests

  • Inform your instructor of any change of contact details

  • Only book a driving test that is agreed time between instructor and student.


Instructor to:

  • Be punctual for driving lessons

  • Tailor your tuition to the pupil’s needs.

  • Be flexible when booking lessons, ensuring 24 hours’ notice of any lesson cancellation

  • Make lessons interesting, stimulating and fun while maintaining a good learning environment.

  • Educate the pupil in the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding to be a safe driver for life

  • Respect the pupil’s confidentiality  

  • If the instructor feels that the student isn’t ready to take a driving test, the instructor as the right to cancel and not provide a vehicle. A driving test will only be taken if the instructor agrees that they are ready.

This agreement is not legally binding.  It does, however, illustrate the co-operation required between the instructor and pupil to facilitate an optimal learning environment

Lincs Driving Solutions, Lincoln