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Do you think you are an experienced driver?

It is a sad fact that once we pass our driving test, few of us take any further training to enhance our skills; most people are taught to just to pass a driving test rather than on how to keep themselves safe on our busy and demanding roads.

Our driving is formed by how we see ourselves and the beliefs about how good we think we are.  Modern vehicles have ever more safety systems and devices to prevent skidding, but research has shown that safety systems on vehicles can give some drivers a false sense of security and lead them to take more risks.

Safety features cannot change the laws of physics – they don’t make a vehicle perform better or increase a driver’s skill.

Avoiding a skid is far better than having to correct one.

Skid Control Training

Lincs Driving Solutions are now able to organise skid training sessions in conjunction with Lincolnshire Road Safety.

The course covers the following points:

  • Learn how to identify and recognise an understeer skid.
  • Learn how to identify and recognise an oversteer skid.
  • Learn how to recover from both understeer and oversteer skids.
  • Understand how Anti-lock braking and Electronic Stability Programmes work
  • Understand about the balance and physics of a vehicle.

Knowing how to drive in slippery conditions is serious stuff, but learning can be a lot of fun too.

Lincolnshire Road Safety use a state-of-the-art skid training vehicle which is not fitted with a cradle nor does it need to be driven on a wet pan.

The training vehicle simulates driving on ice, slippery roads and aquaplaning. Learn how to handle these situations and build your driving skills, in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Our skid car course is 3 hours long and only costs £49 per person for 2 to 6 people. The course is more advanced than a skid pan while still being fun at the same time.

Lincs Driving Solutions, Lincoln