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Are you ready to finish off what you started?

From time to time a learner driver will choose who they think is the best driving school in Lincoln only to discover sometime later that the learning experience wasn’t ideal for them.

If that describes you, then you are a part trained learner driver and do not require the added expense of starting all over again.

There are many reasons why you may have stopped using your original driving instructor in Lincoln and now you feel it is the right time to move on and find a different school which is more appropriate to your needs. Our part-trained driving course is designed to help you save money; you will not need to start from the beginning or carry out lessons that you do not need. You might have had some experience of driving under supervision and looking to start professional driving tuition.

The first lesson is also an assessment of your current standard. We’ll evaluate the skills you have already learnt and make a learning plan based on what you need to improve. By the end of the first lesson you will have a good idea of how many lessons you are likely to need in order to be ready for your driving test and if you have already passed your theory test and have your certificate with you,  we may be able to look at planning for your driving test and even book a test date. 

Let us help you become a safe driver so that you have the skills to impress the driving examiner.


Lincs Driving Solutions, Lincoln