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Carol Morley

Lead Driving Instructor & CEO

I think it’s reasonable for you to ask why am I a sensible choice for you.
When you buy driver training you want to be assured of quality, so please excuse me if I talk too much about myself here.

I would like to begin by telling you I have been a driver trainer for over 20 years, and during this time I have witnessed probably everything imaginable. Yet I am still attending training courses because I believe you can always improve.

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Sharon Williams

Driving Instructor

Rob Cooling

Driving Instructor

Lincs Driving Solutions Lesson

Jo Lodge

Driving Instructor

Paul Watkins

Driving Instructor


Teamwork is the key of achieving great outcomes

The reason why you have a great chance of passing your driving test with Lincs Driving Solutions is because all lessons are created to suit your personal needs.

Working together as a team will give you the advantage or learning more quickly and it will not be long before your beginner lessons are a thing of the past. Your confidence will grow and your driving will become better and better. We’d like to be able to share our wealth of skills and experience with you.

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