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Learner Training

Do you know why many driving instructors go broke in their first 6 months?

carol 2Too many good people have wasted money on training to be a driving instructor because they have not had the right training. Without discussing the quality of the trainer because that is opinion, what I am going to share is fact.

Passing your part 1,2 and 3 requires no business training of any type.

What usually happens is the newly qualified ADI unwittingly wastes money on unsuccessful marketing and advertising campaigns, drops their prices to the very minimum and lose the pupils they recruit. It all leads to desperate feelings and the worse thing is, it could have been easily avoided.

If you train with me, I’ll also show you how to recruit learner drivers, manage your customers and maintain your driving school. This is perhaps like no other job you have had, whether you are currently a taxi driver, teacher or whatever, smiling, being polite or telling people you are the best will not keep you in a profit.

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