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How To Pass Your Driving Test At The First Attempt

As you will appreciate the automatic response from a driving instructor is to say, don’t worry about passing first time just concentrate on being a safe driver. And despite the answer being correct it isn’t always what you want to read or hear, so we are going to take this a little further for you and offer some best practice tips.

How To Save Money On Passing Your Driving Test

At Lincs Driving Solutions we are asked this question every weekend our answer never changes, the secret…if there is one to passing cheaply is actually being rigid with your lessons and thinking about how you drive.

First of all if you are short on finances for the moment and think at some time in the future you may have to miss a week here or there, that is going to cost you. You will need to spend more time in the car and therefore end up paying for more lessons. The problem all learners of any subject have is, the longer the time in between lessons the more you are going to forget.

In an ideal world, and we know this might not be possible for you, would be to take a 2 hour lesson every day, or at least every 3 or 4 days. The 2-hour lesson allows you time to think, not rush and to ask questions

It gives you valuable driving time and the opportunity to relax. Then by taking the lessons day after day, or having a short break in between your lessons will allow you to retain what you have learned.

However if you increased your learning schedule into an intensive course of say 6 hours a day, depending on your ability and mental approach this could be too much. It all depends upon you. So by skipping lessons or doing too much it could cost you more in the long run.

By passing your theory test sooner rather than later will also help you reduce the cost of learning. There are many aspects of the theory test which you can bring into the car, therefore if the driving instructor dos not need to teach you, time and money is being saved.


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