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Fleet Check Test

Being a Fleet Trainer is a great way to add diversification to your business – let me help you gain or retain your licence

Just 5 hours a week away from the traditional learner driver and working with business clients can make all the difference to your income.

Whether you are considering becoming Fleet Registered or want to retain your registration my training offers something quite different to the ordinary.

With regular training that is what you get – regular, and where I differ can really help you retain clients and find new business.

You see business drivers operate in a different way to your typical 18 year old, because the business clients know it all, allegedly. Ok. So I am making a generalisation, but the nature and temperament of the client will change, just by taking maturity into consideration demonstrates this but there are other factors, such as how to communicate on a business footing.

Being able to meet their communication needs will not only make the job more enjoyable (for both of you) but help you retain clients and find more work.

Lincs Driving Solutions, Lincoln