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Feeling edgy about your driving test?
Let me put that right for you.

If you have repeatedly failed your driving test then again there is an issue, and it is probably not your fault. The driving test has not been designed to make people fail if you are properly prepared. When you start learning to drive, it is not about learning in order to pass the driving test, you are there to learn how to drive safely.

I am sure if I asked you right now if you can drive, the answer is going to be ‘yes’, but with a few uncertainties; doubts that relate to driving safely. Whether you are not checking your mirrors, forgetting to indicate or whatever, the issue relates to safety.

Now here is some really good news for you. The reason why someone will keep failing is not necessarily the learner drivers fault. Ok, so you are executing the drive and it is your responsibility to drive in a certain way – but how have you been taught? The teaching, which is a 2-way process, is particularly important.

Remember when you were at school? Some subjects you did really well in, and low and behold you had a decent relationship with the teacher. What the teacher did was understand how you learn and then communicate with you in a way which suited your learning style. Quite clever really, especially when you didn’t know they were doing that.

So as you can probably now start to understand, the reason why you are not getting through your test is because there are driving issues you have not mastered and that boils down to the fact there was a breakdown in communication with your instructor.

The solution is relatively easy, but not used by all driving instructors simply because not all are aware of learning styles and how best to accommodate your needs. So what we are going to do is start to solve your problem with a free phone consultation which I usually charge £30 for. We want to use this time to understand your issues and I am certain that by the end of the call you will already be feeling more confident.

Your first lesson is more like an assessment, but without any pressure. The instructor will be talking to you, listening to what you have got to say and watching how you drive. We’ll also highlight the issues that have caused you to fail your driving tests.

At the end of the lesson you are going to feel relief as the tension and pressure vanishes from your driving, simply because the real problems will have been identified and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Many people have been in exactly the same situation as you and I know just how you feel, it can be depressing, but feel reassured because there is a solution and soon you will be ready to impress the examiner and all set to drive by yourself. Just pick up the phone to get started.


Lincs Driving Solutions, Lincoln