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What type of lessons do you need to pass your driving test?

The reason why you have a great chance of passing your driving test with Lincs Driving Solutions is because all lessons are created to suit your personal needs.

Working together as a team will give you the advantage or learning more quickly and it will not be long before your beginner lessons are a thing of the past. Your confidence will grow and your driving will become better and better.

Learner Training

The excitement of being a learner driver can be unreal!  Very soon you are going to be driving and getting ready to pass your driving test.

Become An Instructor

Too many good people have wasted money on training to be a driving instructor because they have not had the right training. Without discussing the quality of the trainer because that is opinion, what I am going to share is fact.

Coaching for Development

Would you mind if I made a bold statement? I think being a driving instructor and running a school is not difficult, it’s just knowing how.

Standard Check Training

You’ve just got back after a long day and when you get inside a letter is waiting for you. Yes it’s your standards check.

Lincs Driving Solutions, Lincoln