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Classroom Sessions

We now offer classroom driver education for young drivers.

It should be appreciated that our personal thoughts, feelings and beliefs affect how we control a vehicle. The recent changes to the driving test is just the starting point towards helping the new generation of driver stay safe behind the wheel once they have passed the driving test.

Driver behaviour needs to be targeted from a very young age; this gives our youngsters a better chance of staying safe behind the wheel. Learning the rules of the road is only a small part of any comprehensive and competent drivers’ education. Knowledge alone provides little in terms of safety, merely learning the alphabet doesn’t allow you to be able to write a novel?

The classroom sessions cover:
– A driver’s responsibility.
– Peer pressure in a vehicle.
– How our emotions affect our driving.
– Lapses, violations and concentration.
– Why crashes occur in the younger generation.
– Distractions of modern technology.

The sessions are delivered by experienced and skilled coaches who have a thorough knowledge and understanding of how accidents occur in our younger generation. Our roads are busier than ever and the importance of keeping ourselves safe on the road in a generation where other road users are in a rush or putting others at risk. Self-awareness and reflection are an essential ingredient in helping new drivers stay safe on the road. Classroom sessions are a good way of forming the foundation skills required to keep them safe behind the wheel of a potentially lethal machine.

The syllabus is covered over 3 sessions, each lasting 2 -3 hours

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