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If you are feeling anxious over driving there is a remedy…

If you feel you have a confidence issue when it comes to driving then consider this. A human being, as a species, has lived on the planet for 1000s of years, but only in the last couple of centuries have humans had individual access to travelling independently at fast speeds. In short, our bodies have still not evolved for going any faster than perhaps running as fast as we can, or at most, galloping on a horse.

Even on a horse at 30mph it is not at as if there are hundreds of others all on the same road. In today’s world, society is much different. Cars and lorries of all shapes and sizes, capable of going at very fast speeds, are hurtling towards you. Is there any wonder we feel anxious?

So is it any surprise most learner drivers feel anxious when in control of a car? All that is happening is a very healthy central nervous system saying ‘is this right, are we safe?’. Now you know that you are safe, the instructor has dual controls, the car has all the latest safety features and accidents are rare.

The way we help you to feel more confident is actually pretty simple and based upon you feeling comfortable, being in control and placing trust in your instructor. First of all, we want to find out where your comfort zone is and we’ll practice as much as you would like within it. During this time the student builds a relationship of trust with the instructor and based on seeing their skills develop, the learner starts to push at their comfort zone boundaries; become more willing to try new things and all of a sudden you feel in control and those nerves just fade away.

Our team of expert instructors have the skills and patience to help you feel comfortable when driving, so call us right now and let’s start your future.


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