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Company Car Training

Could we help your company save 20% a year on fuel bills and insurance?

The price of fuel and insurance premiums has never been higher and is set to rise as soon as the economy makes recovery. The impact on your business will be incredible, so how are you going to take effective measures to reduce costs, or to at least keep them in check?

Fuel Saving

Just for the sake of numbers can we assume your company spends £1000 a week on fuel for your company cars. Most people save between 15-25%, so imagine saving £200 a week.

Insurance Cost reduction

The fewer accidents you have the less reasons you give your insurance company to increase the premium.
Company car training will show your employees how to make good progress on the road, and advanced driving techniques to keep themselves safe.

Protection from the Company Manslaughter Act

If, in the event one of your company vehicles is involved in an accident,  and it is deemed the company has not invested in sufficient precautions, the member of the company responsible can face personal liability. However, demonstrating you made suitable precautions through suitable training will afford you protection.

Company Car Training
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