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Coaching vs Instruction

How can coaching benefit your driving and you as a person in your day to day life?

carol 2Back in the “old days” many people saw the learning process (in whatever environment) as a potential road to hell. Please excuse the pun.

Coaching is a training tool, as is instruction, as is the negative reinforcement tactics of telling a student that they are always doing things wrong. While all three aim to have the same outcome, skills transfer, I believe it is coaching which gives both the learner and the teacher most satisfaction.
Allow me to explain.

Coaching goes a lot deeper than this, but you’ll get the right feeling from what I am about to share with you. If I ask you to do something and you did not understand the command, would you like me to repeat the same words to you? Perhaps not; the message doesn’t change and you are likely to be none wiser and now possibly lumped with a dose of anxiety and maybe feeling inferior because you didn’t comprehend the message.


What If I asked, “What is it you do not understand?”
From your response I can find another way of helping you understand the message.
And that is a part of coaching. It’s about working as a team and understanding how the “pupil” prefers to learn so the “teacher” can work to their needs.

Of course there is a lot more to coaching, but the beauty has a humanistic, feel good factor attached to it which helps both the learner and the teacher, which can be used in countless disciplines.

Whether you want to pass your driving test, take advanced lessons or become a driving instructor, I will introduce you to the world of coaching and you will find yourself becoming, eager, involved and dedicated to developing your skills.

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