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You’ve just got back after a long day and when you get inside a letter is waiting for you. Yes it’s your standards check. Thoughts of “oh no an exam” and “what if I don’t pass” spring to mind. Now let me make you feel great and show you why you can embrace it.

Without discussing the flaws of the standards test, you have an opportunity to show the world how good you are, and believe me getting a grade A is not beyond any ADI. Before you became an ADI you had to train and learn processes, especially for the PSTs, and you passed. So you have proof you can follow processes and succeed.

What if I told you being grade A was just another set of processes?

All of a sudden it seems a little less difficult, and somewhat more likely, because you know it’s a question of you understanding and putting into practice. Of course you do not need a grade A to retain your licence, but why train to be mediocre when you can train to be really good? I have lots more to share with you, just give me a call and let’s sort out your standards check.

Meet one of our expert trainers

Sharon Williams

Driving Instructor

Sharon joined the team in 2017 as a fully qualified ADI and has a wealth of unique experience as a former police officer and police advanced driver.

During her career at Lincolnshire Police, Sharon qualified as a Tutor alongside her role as a Detective and coached many probationary constables to qualify for independent patrol and qualified as an A1 Assessor.

Sharon is also qualified to BTEC Level 4, Coaching for Driver Development and is highly skilled at using person centred coaching techniques to develop proactive, safe drivers for the future and to coach PDIs through their initial training and for ADIs, the standards check.

All these skills and experience are transferable to the world of driver coaching and Sharon delivers a high standard of driver who can easily problem solve, make safer driving decisions and as a result, work towards reducing the fatalities on our roads.

Sharon is starting her final year to qualify as Counsellor in 2021 (Level 4 Diploma) and has developed many anxious drivers (learners and full licence holders) into confident, capable and safe drivers with her natural benevolence and empathic approach.

Wherever you are on your driver training journey, we can help you learn many skills from fast road/motorway driving, general confidence building, economic driving, general refresher if you’ve had a break from driving or training to start your new career as an ADI, we can help you and are looking forward to helping you.

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