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Driving Distractions You Can Easily Avoid on the Road

Driving Distractions You Can Easily Avoid on the Road

Navigating the road can be a complicated and stressful process. Even the streets you travel daily for work or school can be suddenly riddled with surprises and obstructions, making them new and foreign territories. Because of this, you must always take measures to stay focused while driving. Below are some common distractions that can be easily avoided while on the road.

Drowsy Driving

Travelling while tired, otherwise known as fatigued driving, is one of the most common causes of accidents. An estimated 60% of Americans have admitted to driving while sleepy; this greatly increases the potential of a car crash. A good thing to keep in mind is the time of day in which you will be driving, and whether or not you will have any other passengers who are licensed and able to drive. If you are feeling fatigued, either do not drive or take breaks in your trip, to avoid accidents.

Having a conversation

Accidents are prone to happening when conversations are being had with other passengers in the car. Talking while driving is perfectly safe but holding emotional conversations can easily result in the driver not paying attention. If you are driving, only talk if you can do so while keeping your eyes ahead and focused.

Adjusting music

The attention it takes to scroll through your music app on your phone distracts you significantly from the road. One way to avoid this is to have a ready-for-the-road playlist already programmed on your phone so you don’t have to fumble through it to find the right song. If you’re more of a radio person, make sure you have pre-programmed stations, so you are not fiddling with the car radio while driving. 

Changing the vehicle controls

Adjusting the controls of your car while driving takes your eyes and attention away from the road. The best way to avoid this dangerous behaviour is to learn the layout of your car by heart. This way, you will be able to change the thermostat or adjust the AC without taking your eyes off the highway.


The average driver can drive the length of a football pitch without looking at the road if he is texting and driving at the same time. Not only do texting drivers stop focusing on their path ahead, but they also take one or both hands off the steering wheel while typing on the phone, which is quite dangerous. If you must text, pull over first.


Sometimes it is necessary to grab a bite while on the go. But a drive-through meal does not mean you should eat while driving. Instead, stop somewhere safe or at a gas station to eat your meal.


Grooming in the vehicle is common for individuals who run late. If you must make-up or shave, only do so once you stop. Never take your eyes off the road to look at yourself in the mirror.

Out of 11,000 drivers observed in an academic study in England, 1 out of 6 drivers was found to be engaging in a distracting activity. Driving distractions on the road are bound to occur but do your best to not be a part of the statistic. Take the necessary measures to avoid diversions and cease distracted driving, it will help keep you alert for the possible surprises that can happen suddenly while on the road.

Post by Elise Morgan

Lincs Driving Solutions, Lincoln