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Perhaps the first point to consider
is not the driving school, but you…

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Night Time Driving Is An Important Skill

Below are a range of products you can choose from, including “Driving Lessons Lincoln” a special series of lessons for learner drivers.

Learning to drive is not just about finding a driving school in Lincoln and booking a few lessons, it’s about finding the learning experience to suit you.

The relationship between you and your instructor is important to your development, so be open minded to thinking about trying two schools, after all if you remember back to your school days you had teachers you liked and others were not so good.


Driving Lessons

driving lessons lincoln


Instructor Training

driving instructor training lincoln


Driver Coaching

coaching development for driving instructors


Road To Success

coaching development for driving instructors


Part 3 Rescue

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Fleet Check Test

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Development Courses

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Company Car Training

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Driving Lessons Lincoln 

With driving instructor training it is more than passing an exam, you are going to need to discover how to run a driving school business so you can create a successful career. As you read through my services you will start to discover if I’m the type of person you want to work with and I would be delighted to speak with you. As a learner driver you will have a different driving history to others, perhaps you have driven before and already developed some skills, maybe you have failed your driving test and need a new driving school in Lincoln or of course this is your first venture into driving.

Whatever your history, when taking driving lessons in Lincoln you need to find the right driving instructor in Lincoln, and lets face it that is a difficult task.  While there are many driving schools in Lincoln picking the best driving school in Lincoln to suit your needs is a different thing entirely. So please use these questions when speaking to any driving school. The first question is to ask about the driving instructors grade, yes we are all graded yet very few students know that. The grades are A, B and fail. But also very importantly you need to be asking when they had their last test, we call this a Standards Check, and what other training have they done then to maintain and improve their services.

driving lessons lincoln

Learning To Drive In Bad Weather

Finding The Best Driving Schools In Lincoln

Researching a website is one thing but the right way to proceed is by picking up the phone and making contact. You may not know what questions to ask, but we will ask you a few questions to help guide you along your way. Whether you want to learn to drive, improve your driving with an advanced course or train to become a driving instructor Lincs Driving Solutions can help you achieve your goals.

On your first driving lesson you will learn an important formula to help you learn every skill which will help keep you safe for life and of course it will impress the driving examiner. The examiner has a job to make sure you are a safe driver before he or she can give you a test pass, and what you need to do is to understand what it means to be safe. It is actually quite simple and you will repeat this on everything you learn so you become a naturally safe driver. So you need to obey the Highway Code and be in control of the car at all times. You must be able to spot hazards which allows you to eliminate them totally or to be able to avoid them, and you need to have the desire to be a safe driver. Can you see how that makes perfect sense?

driving lessons in Lincoln

driving lessons in Lincoln

Cheap Driving Lessons In Lincoln

There are many learner drivers looking for cheap driving lessons in Lincoln and why not? When it is difficult to determine the difference in quality it is a natural thing to want do. So right now we are going to show you could save well over £500 on your driving lessons in Lincoln.
First of all we have a few facts, the DVSA state on average you will need 47 hours of professional driving tuition and 20 hours of private practice, we believe this provides you an opportunity of saving around £600.

The average learner will take a 1 hour lesson once a week, and the issue with that is that learning is slow because it is difficult to remember not just what you have learned in the lesson the week before but it is also very difficult to get back to the standard of performance you achieved. Imagine needing a 15 minute recap on each driving lesson, it would mean for every 4 hours of lesson you are over spending by one hour. Therefore using the DVSA figures you could be over spending by as much as 12 hours.

What we recommend is for you to take at least a 90 minute lesson, 2 hours if you can and have a lesson every 3 to 4 days. Overall you will have fewer driving lessons. It also mean you can eliminate the need of private practice. Insurance, fuel and wear and tear and quickly cost you £30 a week, and if you did that over a 3 month period the price mounts up very quickly. However by taking your driving lessons as we suggested you can remove this cost from learning to drive.

To book a driving test for Driving Lessons Lincoln click here. However, please check with your driving instructor for suitable dates and times. If in doubt ask for the ADI number from your instructor or ask the instructor to book the test for you.


Perhaps the first point to consider
is not the driving school, but you…


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